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Jesuit Finds Jesus through Vow of Obedience

Jesuit Father Joseph BillottiJesuit Father Joseph Billotti, assistant to the vice president for college relations at Canisius College, celebrated 60 years as a Jesuit in 2010 and said that he finds still finds Jesus in his apostolate today through his Jesuit vows — especially obedience.

Fr. Billotti’s assignments have taken him to many places, including Le Moyne College, his provincial’s office, Canisius High School and Micronesia, but he said that none of these apostolates would have happened if it were not for his vow of obedience.

“It was not only that my superiors missioned me to them, but without my vowed commitment to go anywhere I was sent, the opportunities to serve God’s kingdom in these scattered areas of the world would never have even presented themselves to me,” Billotti reflected.

“Never would I have been blessed to labor among such diverse peoples. Never would I have seen my own country through the eyes of so many cultures. Never would I have gazed upon the Body of Christ ornately clothed in so many colors, shapes and languages,” he wrote.

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