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Croatian Jesuit Who Saved St. Peter’s Dome from Collapse Honored with Stamp

For the 300th birth anniversary of Jesuit Rudjer Boskovic, the Croatian and Vatican Post jointly published a postage stamp with his figure on it.

In 1742,  Boskovic was consulted, with other men of science, by Pope Benedict XIV, as to the best means of securing the stability of the dome of St. Peter’s in which a crack had been discovered. His suggestion of placing five concentric iron bands was adopted.

The dome, for which his lasting solution saved Michelangelo’s work from destruction, is featured in the stamp’s background.

The presentation was hosted on September 13th by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia, who in addition to the stamp, decided to mark the third centenary of Boskovic‟s birth also by publishing the book “Rudjer Boskovic in the Diplomatic Service of the Dubrovnik Republic” in two bilingual editions: Croatian – French and Croatian – English