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Jesuit Says Spiritual Exercises are a Map to Follow in Prayer

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Jesuit Father John Horn, who last month was appointed as the next president-rector of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, recently talked about the importance of Spiritual Exercises and how the concept can be applied in one’s prayer life.

Fr. Horn said that the Spiritual Exercises are a type of map for the human heart to follow in prayerful meditation and contemplation, and that the exercises allow the faithful to become closer to Christ.

“What happens in these prayerful exercises is that the person at prayer begins to taste and see patterns of thoughts, feelings and desires that are in union with Jesus’ spirit indwelling in our hearts,” he said.

Horn offered an example of how Catholics can participate in a prayer exercise using Scripture passages. By doing so, “something will be transpiring in the heart through this simple process,” he said.

  1. Read the passage prayerfully and I notice what I am seeing.
  2. Notice what I am thinking and feeling about what I am seeing.
  3. Once I have acknowledged what I am thinking and feeling, notice if I have actually related these thoughts and feelings to God.
  4. Wait in trust, wait in faith, and trust to receive a sense of what Jesus’ love desires to do for me.

For more of Horn’s thoughts on the Spiritual Exercises, read the article at the St. Louis Review.

Online Retreat Marks 30 Years of Jesuit Refugee Service

0001a Chapel window NairobiOn Tuesday, Jesuit Father Michael Evans, executive director of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, announced a special online retreat coinciding with the 30th anniversary of  Jesuit Refugee Service’s founding on November 14th.  In a press release highlighting the upcoming anniversary, JRS/USA is featuring the online retreat to reinforce the connection of Ignatian Spirituality with the plight of refugees and forced migrants.

“Each day of this online retreat will offer the opportunity to reflect prayerfully on the situation of refugees via the lens of The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. By linking the Spiritual Exercises to the plight of refugees and vulnerable migrants, we believe that the retreat will provide an easy way for people to fuse spirituality and social justice into their daily life. During the next four weeks we invite you — day by day — into an experience of “prayerful storytelling” as we share with you the grace-filled stories of God’s powerful love for all of us.

As you progress through this retreat, God will direct you and touch your soul with love and challenge in a truly personal way. We trust that the graces of this retreat will renew us and transform us into the heart of Jesus, deepening our commitment to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people.”

For more information about the retreat, or for a direct link so you may participate in the online retreat, please visit:

Celebrating the Feast of the Founder of the Jesuits


On July 31, Jesuits will celebrate the feast of their founder,  St. Ignatius of Loyola, who, with his early companions, founded the Society of Jesus in 1540.

St. Ignatius Loyola was born in 1491 to a family of minor nobility in northern Spain. As a young man, Ignatius Loyola was a soldier and dreamed of doing great deeds. But in 1521 Ignatius was gravely wounded in a battle with the French. While recuperating, he experienced a conversion while reading of the lives of Jesus and the saints.

St. Ignatius’ collection of insights, prayers and suggestions in his book the Spiritual Exercises is considered one of the most influential books on the spiritual life ever written. When Ignatius conceived the Jesuits, he wanted them to become  “contemplatives in action.” This is also an ideal for those  who are guided by Ignatian spirituality and who continually strive to follow St. Ignatius’ motivation to “find God in all things”.

Interested in finding out more about St. Ignatius of Loyola? Loyola Press has a collection of biographical materials, works of St. Ignatius, videos and reflections on their website.

Marquette University has also created this short video piece on the story behind the founder of the Jesuit order as told by  Stephanie Russell, executive director of Marquette University’s Office of Mission and Identity.