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Path to Priesthood: The Priestly Ordination of Radmar Jao

With great joy and gratitude to God, Jesuit Radmar Jao was ordained a priest on Saturday, June 11th at St. Aloysius Church in Spokane, Wash. The Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich, Bishop of Spokane, presided at the ordination liturgy for Jao along with newly ordained Jesuit Jaime Alejandro Olayo Méndez. In this video, you’ll get to experience the ordination ceremony along with Jao and the parishioners at St. Aloysius.

Jao’s now starting a new chapter in his life as a Jesuit and we will touch base with him again in September as he shares with us his assignment as a new priest in the Society of Jesus. So, stay tuned!

And if you missed any of the previous video diaries with Radmar in the months leading up to this milestone moment, you can find them all here.

Path to Priesthood: Radmar Jao Talks with Fellow Ordinand Classmates About Upcoming Ordinations

With Ordinations about two weeks away, Radmar sat down with fellow Ordinands Drew Kirschman and Paul Vu to talk about their experiences leading up to Ordination, and how this path to priesthood has impacted them.

As we follow Jao on his journey to ordination in June, leave a comment or ask a question here on the National Jesuit News blog, comment on YouTube or on Twitter via @AskAJesuit and he will respond in an upcoming future video diary. Check back weekly for more video diaries from Jao.