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Novice Director Guides New Jesuits on Their Journey

Jesuit Father Tom Lamanna This month, 40 men entered the Society of Jesus in the United States as novices. Their path to priesthood — called formation — can take upwards of ten years and begins at one of four Jesuit novitiates across the country.

Oregon Province Jesuit Father Tom Lamanna has been the director of novices at Ignatius House, a novitiate in Culver City, Calif., for the past decade.

He says that one of the graces that comes with his job is “being able to walk very closely with people in their relationship with Jesus. That’s very holy ground.”

According to Fr. Lamanna, the community dynamic at the novitiate is unique because it’s the first stage of formation and the novices are asked to pull back from their previous lives.

“We give them an experience of Jesuit community and a study of the life of Ignatius and the founding documents of the Jesuits,” says Fr. Lamanna. “Then the novices and the Society can decide if it’s the right fit,” he explains.

For Fr. Lamanna, the most life-giving aspect of his job is guiding men through the Spiritual Exercises. “To watch the spirit and Jesus at work with them at a very deep level is a real privilege,” he says.

To learn more about Fr. Lamanna’s job as director of novices, view the Ignatian News Network video below.

Eight Enter the California and Oregon Provinces’ Novitiate for the Society of Jesus

Entrance Day into the Novitiate is a busy day, often filled with many emotions. Some Novices come by themselves, with just their luggage. Others bring their entire families to say goodbye. One thing is certain: all are welcomed with open arms. Eight new California and Oregon novices entered the joint Jesuit novitiate in Culver City, California in late August to begin their two year experience of prayer, community life, and service to God’s people in the Society of Jesus. Share their entrance day by checking out the video below.

Jesuit Father Patrick Conroy Nominated for Chaplain of U.S. House of Representatives

pat_conroyHouse Speaker John Boehner says he will nominate Jesuit Father Patrick J. Conroy, who now teaches at Jesuit High School in Portland, Ore., as the next U.S. House of Representatives chaplain.

“We are honored that Father Conroy has agreed to serve as House chaplain,” Speaker Boehner said. “His dedication to God’s work, commitment to serving others, and experience working with people of faith from all traditions will make him an asset to the House community. We look forward to having his counsel and guidance in the people’s House.”

Conroy would be the 60th House chaplain. The duties include opening each session with a prayer, presiding over memorials and other ceremonies and providing pastoral counseling to the House community. If formally elected, Conroy would become the second Roman Catholic priest to tend to the House flock.

Boehner said he consulted with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about Conroy’s appointment, which will be formally submitted to the House for consideration later this month.

Conroy entered the Society of Jesus in 1973 and was ordained a priest in 1983. He has also served as a chaplain at Georgetown University.

[House Speaker John Boehner's website]

Jesuit Principal Serves At-Risk Students at Portland Nativity School

Jesuit Father Jeff McDougallShare

Jesuit Father Jeff McDougall is principal of St. Andrew Nativity School in Portland, Oregon, which educates 60 middle school students, all from at-risk families with minimal income.

Members of St. Andrew Parish and the Jesuits began the school ten years ago to provide a Catholic education for at-risk children. Parents pay just $25 a term, and the students benefit from small classes and long hours.

Fr. McDougall employs proactive discipline, so students hear what is expected of them from the start. They are to be open to growth, intellectually competent, grateful, religious, loving and committed to justice.

“What we always tell them here is, ‘Keep trying,’” McDougall said.

Read more about this Nativity school sponsored by the Oregon Province at the Catholic Sentinel.

Jesuit J.K. Adams on His Beautiful Life as a Jesuit

Jesuits Revealed Videos
Where does a Jesuit come from?

Why does he join the Society of Jesus?

How does he know his calling?

The Jesuit Conference of the United States has launched a new video series interviewing Jesuits from across the country discussing their vocations, their various paths to becoming a Jesuit and what it has meant to them to answer God’s call. National Jesuit News will feature a new video interview each week. You can watch additional videos by going to the Jesuits Revealed channel on YouTube.

Today’s video features Jesuit Father J.K. Adams of the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus discussing his particular calling which includes a unique path to the priesthood and his thoughts on his “beautiful life” teaching theology at Jesuit High School in Portland, Ore. You can watch an additional video with Adams here at the Jesuits Revealed channel on YouTube.