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New England Province Honors Nativity Schools of Boston and Worcester

At the 12th annual Jesuit GALA of the New England Province of Jesuits, more than 1,200 Jesuits, lay partners, family and friends gathered to celebrate 30 years of commitment to Jesuit education and social justice at the Nativity schools of Boston and Worcester.

To honor Nativity’s Jesuit and lay founding leaders, Jesuit Father Myles N. Sheehan presented the esteemed Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (AMDG) Award on April 11 to Nativity Preparatory School of Boston and Nativity School of Worcester. The AMDG Award honors those who selflessly give of themselves for the greater glory of God.

“Tonight is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our experience of the charism of St. Ignatius, our joy in our faith, and our appreciation for all that we do together with the help of Christ.  The mission and vision of the Society of Jesus remains the pursuit of faith and justice, serving on the frontiers of education, foreign collaborations and innovative programs of evangelization that serve to deepen our bonds of faith and affection.  We have one mission in the Catholic Church but many ministries,” said Fr. Sheehan.

The event also raised more than $1.1 million to support the formation and care of Jesuits and the apostolic works, such as the Nativity schools, of the New England Province.

To learn more about the great work of the Nativity Schools or the AMDG Award, please check out this video below:

New Superior of the Jamaica Region Announced

In a letter to the New England Province, Jesuit Provincial Myles Sheehan announced that Jesuit Father Christopher Llanos has been named as the new Superior of the Jamaica region. Historically, Jamaica was a mission of the New England Province, but now has a semi-independent status. Below is the full letter:

Dear Brothers,
The Peace of Christ!

I am pleased to share with all of you the good news that Father General has approved the
appointment of Fr. Christopher G. Llanos, S.J. as the new Superior of the Jamaica Region.

A member of the English-speaking Canadian Province, Fr. Llanos is currently superior of the
Winchester Park community in Kingston, where he has been director of novices for the past six
years. His previous Jamaica experience included two years as associate pastor in Annotto Bay
after his ordination in 1996. He did his studies in Canada, Venezuela, and the U.S., finishing an
S.T.L at Weston in 2000 and a Ph.D. at Harvard in 2006.

He succeeds Fr. Peter McIsaac, S.J., who has been regional superior for the past six years. I want
to express the gratitude of the province and my own personal thanks to Peter for his wise
leadership in this challenging and important role. Peter will remain in Jamaica and continue to
work in the educational and social ministries of the Society.

Let us offer our prayers for Chris and Peter and for the work of our Jesuit brothers in this part of
the world.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Myles N. Sheehan, S.J.

Jesuits Celebrate 2,000 Combined Years of Service to the Church

The Society of Jesus of New England recently honored 36 Jesuits celebrating jubilees ranging from 25 to 75 years of service in the priesthood or in the Jesuit Order. At a Mass and reception held at Boston College High School, more than 400 Jesuits, family members and friends came to honor the Jubilarians.

Jesuit Father Myles N. Sheehan celebrated the Mass commemorating his Jesuit brothers who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord.

“These special milestones offer each of us a graced opportunity to reflect on our calling, examine all that we have learned from our work, and renew our commitment to follow the example of Ignatius of Loyola in serving God’s people,” said Sheehan. “We thank the Jubilarians gathered with us today, as well as those who have gone home to God, for their faithful and generous service.”

The 34 priests and two brothers observing jubilees in 2011 have contributed to communities all over New England and have traveled the world to serve in a wide range of professional roles such as missionaries, professors and administrators in diverse locations including Iraq, Jamaica and Italy. Three Jesuits, Frs. Paul T. Lucey, Joseph H. Casey, and Fr. Louis L. Grenier celebrated 75 years in the Society and 10 Jesuits celebrated over 50 years in the priesthood. One of the Jubilarians who would be celebrating a Jubilee in 2011 has passed away.

To learn more about the 2011 Province Jubilarians, view photos and read Fr. Joseph O’Keefe’s homily from the Mass, please visit

New England Province Honors Three Jesuits for Educational Leadership

photo1374 At the 11th annual Jesuit GALA of the New England Province of Jesuits, more than 1300 Jesuits, lay partners, family and friends gathered to honor Jesuit Fathers John Brooks, Aloysius Kelley and J. Donald Monan, whom were presented the Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Award. The three Jesuits had served as presidents to three Jesuit colleges located in the New England Province: College of the Holy Cross, Fairfield University and Boston College.

The award, which was presented at the 11th annual Jesuit Gala on April 12th, honors those who selflessly give of themselves for the great glory of God.

Fr. Brooks served as president of Holy Cross from 1970-1994, Fr. Kelley served as president of Fairfield University from 1979-2004 and Fr. Monan served as Boston College’s president from 1972-1996.

Jesuit Provincial Myles Sheehan presented the award to the Jesuits for their combined 75 years of outstanding educational leadership.

“We are grateful to Frs. Brooks, Kelley and Monan for their vision in buiding on what had gone before and taking Jesuit education to new levels of quality, scholarship, influence and impct on not only New England, but the nation,” said Fr. Sheehan.

To read more about the events of the GALA, please visit the New England Province website.

Jesuits Reflect on Living in Gratitude for Advent



For this spiritual season of preparation before Christmas, the Jesuits of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus have created a series of Advent podcasts. Jesuits reflect and meditate on the intersecting themes of Advent and Ignatian spirituality over these four weekly podcasts, which National Jesuit News will publish each week leading up to Christmas. The entire podcast series can be listened to here.

Week IV – Advent Gift and Graces

For this last week of Advent,  this podcast features Jesuit Fathers Michael Boughton, director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Boston College, and William Russell, the assistant prefect of St. Mary’s Chapel at Boston College, offering their thoughts on living in gratitude, giving gifts and caring for the poor during Advent and at Christmas.



Jesuit Father William Russell is the assistant prefect of St. Mary’s Chapel at Boston College,


Jesuit Father Michael Boughton is the director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Boston College.