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U.S. Jesuit Chaperone and Students Discuss What Magis 2011 is All About

The 3,000 Magis pilgrims have now fanned out across Spain, Portugal and North Africa for their 100 unique Magis experiences. In small groups of about 25, the experience teams are composed of people from different countries which gives the pilgrims an opportunity to work with people from other cultures and backgrounds and who share in their faith.

The 100 experiences range from working amongst the poor, with immigrants, traveling along a religious pilgrimage “camino” or volunteering with the infirm. Accompanying the pilgrims are Jesuit chaperones like scholastic Michael Rossman, who is currently in his First Studies as a Jesuit at Loyola University Chicago, and is chaperoning a group of pilgrims from Marquette University.

Before they departed from Loyola, Rossman and three Marquette students shared what Magis 2011 is all about  in this video below. You can continue to follow along with the Jesuits at Magis and the students they are chaperoning by visiting our microsite or following us on Facebook and Twitter.