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Jesuit J.K. Adams on His Beautiful Life as a Jesuit

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Where does a Jesuit come from?

Why does he join the Society of Jesus?

How does he know his calling?

The Jesuit Conference of the United States has launched a new video series interviewing Jesuits from across the country discussing their vocations, their various paths to becoming a Jesuit and what it has meant to them to answer God’s call. National Jesuit News will feature a new video interview each week. You can watch additional videos by going to the Jesuits Revealed channel on YouTube.

Today’s video features Jesuit Father J.K. Adams of the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus discussing his particular calling which includes a unique path to the priesthood and his thoughts on his “beautiful life” teaching theology at Jesuit High School in Portland, Ore. You can watch an additional video with Adams here at the Jesuits Revealed channel on YouTube.