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Jesuit Offers Facebook Ideas for Lent

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Jesuit Father Jim McDermott, a screenwriting student at UCLA, offered one idea on what to give up for Lent this year: Facebook.

“Ah yes, that great and never-ending time suck; for those of us invested in it, how many hours fly by trolling friends, pages, posting, poking, updating, friending, sharing, linking, liking, defriending…In a season in which we want to be released from distractions and open ourselves more fully to the murmurs and the mysteries of our brother Jesus, could there be a better object of our mortifcation?”

For those not ready to give up Facebook for 40 days, Fr. McDermott offers a Facebook-based spiritual exercise to try instead. Read his five-step guide on the Wisconsin Province website.

“No spiritual practice is for everybody. If praying with Facebook helps you see and respond to the face of Christ around you, try doing it once a week,” he wrote.