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For Twin Jesuits, Doing God’s Work Runs in the Family

Fr. Bob Fitzgerald, SJ

Fr. Bob Fitzgerald, SJ

Jesuit Fathers Bob and Jim Fitzgerald were born just 20 minutes apart in 1935. Eighteen years later the brothers would again share an important experience as they decided simultaneously to join the Society of Jesus.

Both graduates of Creighton Prep in Omaha, Neb., the brothers were profoundly influenced by the example of their Jesuit teachers.

Fr. Bob Fitzgerald recalls, “Like anyone, I wanted to be happy, and I saw the Jesuits as having that. As I progressed through formation, my understanding of where that [joy and satisfaction] came from deepened.”

Fr. Jim Fitzgerald adds, “When I was thinking about entering, I was impressed by the dedication of the Jesuits who were teaching us. They were consistently supportive, even though they were very demanding. They worked hard; they were sincere; they were a team; and they cared for us.”

The Fitzgeralds entered the Jesuits together on the same day, but over the years, their assignments led them to different ministries.

Fr. Jim Fitzgerald, SJ

Fr. Jim Fitzgerald, SJ

Fr. Bob Fitzgerald has been a writer, and he founded the substance abuse program at St. Francis Mission in South Dakota. He has also served as a chaplain at Creighton University Medical Center and taught English at Marquette University High School and Creighton Prep.

Fr. Jim Fitzgerald has been involved in fundraising, alumni relations and campus planning at both Creighton University and Marquette University in Milwaukee. He also served as assistant to university presidents at Creighton and Saint Louis University.

Today these twin brothers have come full circle and spend time with each other as part of the St. Camillus community for elder Jesuits in Wauwatosa, Wis. [Wisconsin Province]