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NJN Monthly Podcast: Jesuit Discusses His Call to Ministry of Prayer

Kubicki_smJesuit Father James Kubicki recently spoke with National Jesuit News about his work with the Apostleship of Prayer, where he currently serves as it’s national director.

Fr. Kubicki’s involvement with the Apostleship of Prayer goes back to his high school days when he first encountered the monthly leaflets with the Holy Father’s intentions.

“I entered the Jesuits to be a high school teacher in an urban Jesuit high school, just like the one I went to. And, in those 40 years I’ve been a Jesuit, I’ve never done that…Am I disappointed? Not at all. The Lord’s plan was much better than my own. And now I’m on the radio throughout the country…and I look on that, and say, that’s all God’s grace that came to me through following that initial call, that vocation that was given to me when I was a high school student,” said Kubicki.

In this month’s podcast with National Jesuit News, Kubicki shared the goals of the Apostleship of Prayer, its service to the Church, and its growing outreach to young people.

The goal of the Apostleship of Prayer is to help people pray with for each other and for the needs of the Church through the intentions of the Pope. It also hopes to help people learn to live a Eucharistic life and to return the love God gives us by loving others.

To learn more about the Apostleship of Prayer, please visit their website.

Jesuit Father James Kubicki Explains Ignatian Spirituality and the Apostleship of Prayer in Latest Issue of New Jesuit Review

KubickiIn the latest issue of New Jesuit Review, Jesuit Father James Kubicki explains Ignatian spirituality and the Apostleship of Prayer. He writes:

Saint Ignatius Loyola was not a monk who withdrew from the world in order to find God. Rather, he marked out a path by which active priests, religious, and lay people would find God in the midst of the world. Two phrases capture the essence of his approach: to find God in all things and to be a contemplative in action. The Apostleship of Prayer, by helping people become “apostles of prayer,” follows the same path. We strive to find God in the middle of our every day lives.This ideal has been part of the Apostleship of Prayer from its beginning.

To read more from Fr. Kubicki, national director of the Apostleship of Prayer please visit New Jesuit Review here.