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Jesuit Discusses Future of Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

Jesuit Father Greg LuceyJesuit Father Greg Lucey recently took over as president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU), a network of the nation’s 28 Jesuit institutions, and he is no stranger to Jesuit higher education. Fr. Lucey most recently served as president of Spring Hill College from 1997 to 2009 and previously held a number of other leadership posts, including rector at Marquette University, president of the Jesuit Conference and vice president for development at Seattle University.

Lucey said he took on the new role at age 78 because he is “very, very, very interested in the Jesuit, Catholic identity of our schools. I’ve worked on that since I did my dissertation back in 1978, looking at Marquette as a Catholic school. It’s been kind of my focus, and so now to be in a position to encourage and foster the Jesuit, Catholic identity of our colleges and universities — it’s just kind of ideal.”

Lucey visited nearly all 28 Jesuit colleges and universities between February and May of this year and said the experience “reaffirmed my appreciation of what is being accomplished and heightened my awareness of the challenges we face.”

As president, Lucey said that the three areas of priority he’ll be focusing on are formation in the Ignatian tradition, restructuring and ensuring that AJCU maintains an effective presence in Washington, D.C., in support of higher education.

Read the full interview with Lucey at the Seattle University website.