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U.S. Jesuits in Madrid Discuss the Arrival of Pope Benedict XVI

From the World Youth Day 2011 festivities in Madrid, Spain,  Jesuit Fathers Chris Collins, Aaron Pidel and Brian Dunkle, all Jesuits with the Society of Jesus in the United States, discuss how this event is a symbol of hope and renewal for the Church.

Fr. Collins speaks about the universality of the Church and the joy of the young people as they celebrate this event united in their faith. “As for every World Youth Day, it is always a sign of renewal and hope for the entire church, the global church. That is the most striking thing about any of these these World Youth Days is the universality of the church,” he says.

Fr. Pidel talks about the Pope’s intentions for World Youth Day and how bringing young people together in this way shows the vitality of their shared faith. Pidel says, “By bringing so many young people for whom the faith is still so vital and still so much the center of their life, [Pope Benedict XVI ] has shown that the faith is still an option, that the faith itself is a treasure that continues to be hopeful, vital and ever new.”

And finally, Fr. Dunkle remarks on the way young people are drawn to the Pope and the Pope’s ability to reach and gather such a vibrant audience.

You can watch all three Jesuits discuss World Youth Day and its importance in the video below. For more on Magis & World Youth Day 2011, visit our website: