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Jesuit Reflects on Ministry to Divorced Catholics

Photo by Tom Burke/Catholic San Francisco

Photo by Tom Burke/Catholic San Francisco


Jesuit Father Al Grosskopf has been a counselor and friend for almost 40 years to a population that is sometimes overlooked: divorced men and women.

Fr. Grosskopf says that while the church is against divorce, he reminds the people he ministers that the church is not against divorced people.

In an attempt to reach this population, he established one of the first Catholic divorce support groups in California at a parish in San Jose.

Divorce support groups furnish a means for people to share their painful experiences with others who also know the experience, said Grosskopf, who at age 80 is a parochial vicar at San Francisco’s St. Ignatius Parish, where he ministers to a divorce support group.

Grosskopf’s work also includes helping those preparing to seek annulments.

“I find the men and women of our tribunals are very sensitive to the pain of the petitioners,” Grosskopf said. “Theirs is a ministry of remarkable compassion and sensitivity.”

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