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Behind the Scenes: Catching Up with The Jesuit Post on Jesuit Father Adolfo Nicolás

Left to right: Sam Sawyer, SJ; Jesuit Father Adolfo Nicolás; and Eric Sundrup, SJ

By Doris Yu

Against the backdrop of MAGIS and World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, National Jesuit News sat down with Jesuit scholastics Eric Sundrup and Sam Sawyer, associate editors of The Jesuit Post, to talk about their experience interviewing Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Jesuit Father Adolfo Nicolás. Sundrup and Sawyer took the opportunity to interview Fr. Nicolás during his appearance at MAGIS at Colégio Antônio Vieira, the Jesuit high school in Salvador, Brazil.

Speaking about his impressions of Fr. Nicolás, Sundrup said, “It’s very clear Fr. General speaks profoundly and in great depth. … When he talks to Pope Francis, he talks to him like he talks to any other Jesuit. I think he did the same thing with me and all of us that were present for the interview. He just talks to us like he would talk to any other Jesuit. ”

Sawyer said, “I think what strikes me about him is, more than some particular program or strategy for the Society, what he has is a very clear sense of what we need to pay attention to, and he keeps calling us to pay attention to it.”

Sawyer added about Fr. General’s dry sense of humor, “We laughed a lot when we got to talk to him off-camera and we got to interact with him that way.”

Click the audio player below to listen to NJN’s interview with The Jesuit Post.

Jesuit Named New Director of Civiltà Cattolica

On September 8th, the Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolás formally appointed Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro the new editor of the oldest publication in Italy, Civiltà Cattolica. The new director, who is currently the superior of the Jesuit community of Via di Porta Pinciana, shall be the responsibility for the Association of Writers, which manages the journal. In October, Father Spadaro will also oversee the first book to be published in 162 year history of the magazine. Father Spadaro replaces the current director Father Gianpaolo Salvini, head of the “Civiltà Cattolica” since 1985.

Father Spadaro was ordained priest in 1996 in Catania, and completed his education in the United States. He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Messina, and completed his doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, where he still teaches. He began writing about the “Catholic Civilization” in 1994, dealing mainly with culture and the way in which new communication technologies, from the Internet, are changing the way we live and think, and also our faith.

The internet is part of his interests: on the web he is present with a Facebook profile, and has recently taken part in collaboration with the Pontifical Council for Social Communication led by Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, a meeting of bloggers in the Vatican, as well to have promoted cultural initiatives linked to the world of literature and the network.

The Jesuit magazine was founded in 1850, and is the oldest of all Italian magazines still active. The wording of the magazine is defined as “College of the Catholic Writers of Civilization,” and still follows the publication rules of Pope Pius IX.

Jesuit Father General Nicolás Celebrates Mass at Magis 2011 and Meets with Pilgrims

Magis 2011 officially started on Friday, August 5 with an opening ceremony on the grounds of the Sanctuary of Loyola in Azkoitia, Spain. More than 3,000 young people from 50 different countries gathered together on the grounds of the Sanctuary of Loyola where they were welcomed in their own official language and treated to a performance with dance, music, light and special effects.

Yesterday, around 3,500 people attended Mass celebrated by Jesuit Father General Adolfo Nicolás in the plaza of the Sanctuary of Loyola. The pilgrims celebrated this special Eucharist before being sent forth to their experiences, which will start today in more than 100 locations across Spain and Portugal.

During his homily, Fr. General evoked the founder of the Society of Jesus in this significant place: “God is in the gentle breeze, in its peace and its refreshing calm. And Saint Ignatius tries to make us sensitive to that breeze, to the soft voice of God.” He also wanted to send a message to all the young pilgrims before they left on their experiences tomorrow, “If we are only worried about our welfare or success, we will sink helplessly. If we are worried about service and the suffering of others, where Christ lives… we will walk on the sea.”  After Mass, Fr. General, accompanied by all the concelebrants, prayed in the Chapel of Conversion of St Ignatius.

You can read more about Father General’s visit with the Magis 2011 pilgrims and their send off here.