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Jesuit Talks Ash Wednesday, Humility and Repentance

Today, there’s a good chance you’ll see many of your co-workers, friends and neighbors with a smear of ash on their foreheads. If you’re not a Catholic, you might not know what it is. And you wouldn’t be alone. Jesuit Father Thomas Reese, appeared on Interfaith Voices radio program this week to explain the meaning of this very visible Christian ritual: a symbol of humility and repentance of sins.

To listen to Fr. Reese on Interfaith Voices, please click here.

Jesuit Discusses the Clergy and the Recession


Jesuit Father Tom Reese, director of the Public Policy Program at Woodstock Theological Center in Washington, D.C., was recently a guest on Interfaith Voices, a religious news magazine on public radio.

The episode on religion and the recession explored how the clergy in the country are handling it: what they are preaching to congregations where many are losing their jobs and their homes.

Fr. Reese tells host Maureen Fiedler, “We have to reach out and remind people of God’s compassion and love. Because when you lose your job, you lose your sense of value. You feel powerless … Religious communities have to reach out to these people and say ‘No, you are still important, you are valued and loved by God.’”

You can listen to the audio broadcast below or by going to Interfaith Radio’s website.