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Jesuit Speaks to Chicago First Friday Club on Practical Spirituality

mcgrathJesuit Father Patrick McGrath recently addressed the First Friday Club of Chicago on the topic of Practical Spirituality in Our Contemporary Culture, during which he challenged attendees to ask themselves:

• How do we make time for reflection and prayer in the midst of our hectic lives?
• How do we construct lives of purpose and meaning?
• What principles can serve as our foundation in a fractured, fast-paced world?
• How do we incorporate practices and activities that reflect our beliefs?

“I have been formed in the Ignatian tradition, I have been formed like many of you in the vision of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the 16th century mystic, whose gift to the Church was the Spiritual Exercises and Ignatius of Loyola knew this in his bones that God could in fact be experienced in all things, but we needed to attune ourselves to that, we needed to get molded and formed and have our vision and our views shifted of the World so that we might notice what is happening around us all the time,” commented Father McGrath.

The mission of the First Friday Club of Chicago is to provide a forum for men and women to make a connection between work, faith, values and issues that affect our daily lives.

To listen to the entire First Friday Club talk, please click