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Ignatian News Network Sits Down with Jesuit Father Ed Reese of Brophy Prep in Phoenix

Ignatian News Network recently caught up with Jesuit Father Edward Reese, who currently serves as the president of Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I love high school work, it’s very rewarding watching kids grow up and being able to affect lives,” says Fr. Reese. “I’m biased toward secondary education, it’s what we [the Jesuits] do best. Brophy is a great example of that.”

A recent project that he’s particularly passionate about is Brophy’s Loyola Academy, which provides a Catholic, Jesuit education to 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys who demonstrate academic promise but have had limited educational opportunities. Loyola Academy currently serves one class of sixth grade boys, and will add a new sixth grade class for the 2012/2013 school year.

Check out the video below to learn more about the man behind the collar. You can find out more about Brophy’s innovative new program to help the underserved children in Phoenix get a top-notch education in the Jesuit tradition by visiting their website.

Ignatian News Network Bio: Jesuit Father Chris Devron

Jesuit Father Chris Devron says he has always been interested in start-ups and has an entrepreneurial personality. So it’s fitting that he’s president of Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School, the first all-new Catholic high school on Chicago’s West Side in more than 80 years.

Fr. Devron has come full circle in many ways. In 1995 he was a Jesuit novice in Chicago when he witnessed the beginning of the country’s first Cristo Rey school, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, while attending the press conference announcing that the Jesuits were starting the school.

Christ the King, which follows the Cristo Rey work-study model, opened at a temporary site with 120 students in 2008, and its brand new building opened in January 2010.

Ignatian News Network met up with Fr. Devron to learn more about the man behind the collar.

Jesuit founded Homeboy Industries expands with diner in Los Angeles City Hall

Homeboy Diner is the latest business venture of Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles Jesuit-founded ministry that  has helped thousands of gang members quit lives of crime with counseling, tattoo removal and job training.

Founded by Jesuit Father Greg Boyle during the height of the L.A.’s gang wars 23 years ago, Homeboy Industries’ businesses, which include a silk-screen shop, a bakery and an 86-seat restaurant, currently provide job opportunities and training for over 400 ex-gang members.

This summer, when Los Angeles’ City Hall  was looking for a vendor to move into an unoccupied cafe space on the second floor, a new venture, Homeboy Diner, was born.

Ignatian News Network was there for the opening of the cafe with Fr. Boyle and the diner’s new staff.

Jesuits Launch YouTube Channel Featuring Ignatian News

Loyola Productions, a Jesuit-sponsored film production house in Los Angeles, has recently launched a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting the works and mission of the Society of Jesus.

Ignatian News Network (INN) will tell the stories that inspire, inform and spread the word about the people in and around Jesuit ministries and institutions. These short videos, many featuring biographical profiles of Jesuits, will give a distinctive Ignatian lens to news and happenings across the U.S.

National Jesuit News will be featuring upcoming INN videos right here. You can also subscribe to the INN YouTube channel and check out this promo piece below: