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Jesuit on his Work at Cristo Rey Jesuit in Baltimore

Jesuit Father John Swope with Cristo Rey studentsShare

Jesuit Father John Swope has found that as  founding president of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore his life now revolves around finding Christ in Baltimore, one of the most violent cities in the United States.

“I see the daily crime summaries in the newspaper and the stories on local TV news that attest to the crisis in the neighborhoods of beloved Baltimore,” Fr. Swope wrote. “At the same time, I see business leaders, politicians, community organizers, faith-based social service providers and individuals standing up to be catalysts of hope in those same neighborhoods.”

Cristo Rey Jesuit opened in 2007 and will graduate its first class this June. Swope wrote on this milestone: “The Class of 2011 has worked for justice and peace in our neighborhoods, succeeded academically, cried and laughed together, been the first in their families to be accepted into college and are dreaming of creating a far better world.”

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