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The Jesuits Combat the Dominicans in the 2011 Clericus Cup Finale

Photo by Piotr Spalek, Centro Sportivo Italiano

Photo by Piotr Spalek, Centro Sportivo Italiano

The Pontifical Gregorian University’s soccer team has carried off the 2011 Clericus Cup. The Cup is a soccer tournament that takes place annually between the various pontifical universities of Rome. Comprised of seminarians, priests, and laity, the players are students in each of the pontifical universities.

For the fifth consecutive year, the tournament brought priests and seminarians from different congregations against each other.  The annual tournament is organized by the Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI), not far from the Vatican.

The Jesuits easily beat Dominicans of the Angelicum 3 to 1.

Officially, the goal of the league is to “reinvigorate the tradition of sport in the Christian community.” In other words, to provide a venue for friendly athletic competition among the thousands of seminarians, representing nearly a hundred countries, who study in Rome. The league was started by the Cardinal Secretary of State of the Vatican, Tarcisio Bertone, who is an unapologetic soccer fan. The teams that regularly contend for the eight play-off spots are, on the field, fierce rivals.