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Jesuits Help Build New Homes in Chile

The latest images from Chile, where a 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Feb. 27, include scenes of neighbors helping neighbors in building simple homes, known as mediaguas, to shelter up to 30,000 families who lost their homes. David Bruna, SJ, a Jesuit scholastic, has sent photos of construction spearheaded by Un Techo Para Chile (A Roof For Chile). He and another scholastic Javier Celedon, SJ, are among the many students and volunteers wielding hammers across the earthquake scarred landscapes of Chile. To see more photos, click here.

The Maryland Province Jesuits, who have a longstanding relationship with the Chilean Jesuits, have established a Chile Relief Fund to collect donations on behalf of the victims of the devastating earthquake which struck Chile on February 27. In addition, they have created a blog,, to provide updates and photos of relief efforts to help victims of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake.