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Jesuit James Martin talks about Christmas Consumerism on Fox Morning Show

This morning, Jesuit Father James Martin, cultural editor for America magazine and author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, appeared on the Fox & Friends show to discuss if the true meaning of Christmas is being lost due to consumerism and the focus on shopping in our society. Father Martin said during the program that “people feel really overwhelmed by the consumerism and they have a hard time carving out a spiritual space for Christmas”. During the interview, Martin discussed how using overtly Christian themes like “believe”, which are associated with Christmas and are now just being used to market goods, disassociates the religious aspects of the holiday.

You can watch the interview with Martin here.

Jesuit Father Myles Sheehan Appears on CatholicTV


Jesuit Father Myles Sheehan, Provincial of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus, recently appeared on CatholicTV to discuss his role as provincial and his vocation as a doctor with the hosts of This is the Day show. His interview begins at 15:09 in the video below.

New York Times Profiles Loyola Productions: A Mission Field Behind the Camera

Rev. Eddie Siebert directing a scene in Rome, with the assistant cameraman Joe Ellingwood.  Photo Credit: Jennifer Smith-Mayo

Jesuit Father Eddie Siebert directing a scene in Rome, with the assistant cameraman Joe Ellingwood. Photo Credit: Jennifer Smith-Mayo

The role of a film and media production executive can often be an uphill battle. Yet for Jesuit Father Eddie Siebert, the founder and president of Loyola Productions, being a priest with a production company can provide some advantages.

“Because I’m a Jesuit, if there’s a good Catholic executive over at Sony, they’ll take a meeting. Sometimes they take you seriously and sometimes it’s, ‘Well that’s great, Father, keep up the good work.’ I’ve had to straddle this really awkward fence of being a spiritually empowered Jesuit with a mainstream entertainment production company that’s trying to do cutting-edge material. And that’s really tricky.”

To read the full New York Times Article on Loyola Productions, please go here.

Jesuit Astronomy Expert on The Colbert Report

Consolmagno2One of the guests on “The Colbert Report” last night was  Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., Ph.D.,  a respected planetary scientist and expert on meteorites who works at the Vatican Observatory in Rome and Tucson. 

Brother Consolmagno  is the author of numerous books on the intersection of science and faith, including Brother Astronomer and God’s Mechanics.

Political humorist and comedian Stephen Colbert interviewed Brother Consolmagno on the satirical show and asked why the Vatican accepts the possibility of alien life.



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Homeboy Industries Founder Jesuit Father Greg Boyle Highlighted on CatholicTV

Greg-BoyleThis week, CatholicTV will air a special program which highlights Catholics putting their faith into action, called Faith Works Across the USA (Faith Works). Faith Works takes a look at numerous Catholic ministries and the lay persons, priests and religious involved. These ministries include Homeboy Industries, an organization which works with formerly gang-involved youth to help them with job placement, training and education. Jesuit Father Greg Boyle founded Homeboy Industries and shares his personal experiences with CatholicTV during the Faith Works program.

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