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Jesuit Speaks to Vatican Radio on Pope's New Book

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The second volume of Pope Benedict XVI’s book series on Jesus was recently released, and Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio commented, “When he speaks to us in this book, as Joseph Ratzinger, he is not engaging the faith of the Church – it’s not a magisterial document.”

Fr. Fessio, who was a student of Ratzinger’s 40 years ago, is director of Ignatius Press, which published the English-language version of the pope’s book, “Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection.”

Fessio said one interesting part of the book covers the passage in Matthew 27:25 (“And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.”) that has led some to believe the Jewish people are cursed.

Fessio explained, “He [the pope] says the blood of Jesus is not like the blood of Cain that cries out for vengeance. The blood of Jesus is redemptive blood. It’s bloodshed for the life of the world. It’s not for punishment or vengeance, it’s for salvation and redemption. It’s a beautiful reflection on it – two or three pages – that really kind of changes your whole view on that part of the Gospel, which has been used in the past sometimes for anti-Semitic purposes.”

Listen to the Vatican Radio interview with Fessio.

Jesuit Helps Those on the Border through the Kino Border Initiative

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Jesuit Father Peter Neeley of the Kino Border Initiative (KBI) spoke to NPR about KBI’s efforts in the border town of Nogales, Mexico. Fr. Neeley says that relief operations like the KBI, which ministers to deportees with services that include a soup kitchen, are now common on the border.

“Tijuana, Mexicali, Juarez all have these kinds of services, but Nogales, when they started diverting more people through the desert, that’s when we saw the big need here. They need a really organized way to distribute the food and get more people fed and clothed,” Neeley said.

Neeley runs the cafeteria where KBI volunteers typically prepare three meals a day under a tent large enough to feed 200 people.

Crossing into the U.S. illegally is not a sin, said Neeley, it’s a misdemeanor.

Read or listen to the story on NPR.

Jesuit Discusses the Clergy and the Recession


Jesuit Father Tom Reese, director of the Public Policy Program at Woodstock Theological Center in Washington, D.C., was recently a guest on Interfaith Voices, a religious news magazine on public radio.

The episode on religion and the recession explored how the clergy in the country are handling it: what they are preaching to congregations where many are losing their jobs and their homes.

Fr. Reese tells host Maureen Fiedler, “We have to reach out and remind people of God’s compassion and love. Because when you lose your job, you lose your sense of value. You feel powerless … Religious communities have to reach out to these people and say ‘No, you are still important, you are valued and loved by God.’”

You can listen to the audio broadcast below or by going to Interfaith Radio’s website.

Jesuit Rick Curry Talks to Vatican Radio about Disabled Veterans Program


Jesuit Father Rick Curry runs the Academy for Veterans at Georgetown University for those retuning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The program aims to assist veterans who have been disabled in combat in rebuilding their lives and responding to their needs. The program also includes emotional rehabilitation through performing arts.

Fr. Curry recently spoke to Vatican Radio about the unique experience of working with the disabled veterans. You can listen to Curry’s interview here

Jesuit Fathers Give Ignatian Approach to Making Decisions in Their New Book


Jesuit Fathers J. Michael Sparough and Tim Hipskind offer an Ignatian approach to decision making in their new book, What’s Your Decision? How to Make Choices with Confidence and Clarity.

In What’s Your Decision?, the Jesuit authors introduce readers to a time-tested Ignatian approach to effective decision making. Based on the insights of St. Ignatius, the book addresses common questions such as “What’s important and what’s not when it comes to making decisions?” “Can I ever trust my gut?” and “What do I really want?”. Frs. Sparough and Hipskind help us understand that a God decision always precedes a good decision; when we invite God—who cares deeply about what we do—into the decision-making process, we find the freedom to make the best choice.

Cincinnati’s Faith Works program on Fox19 recently highlighted the Jesuits’ new book and spoke with the authors. Watch their interview below:

And Son Rise Morning Show interviewed the authors on their radio program. Listen to the interview below: