Statement of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus on the Election of Pope Francis

In the name of the Society of Jesus, I give thanks to God for the election of our new Pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., which opens for the Church a path full of hope.

All of us Jesuits accompany with our prayers our brother and we thank him for his generosity in accepting the responsibility of guiding the Church at this crucial time. The name of “Francis” by which we shall now know him evokes for us the Holy Father’s evangelical spirit of closeness to the poor, his identification with simple people, and his commitment to the renewal of the Church. From the very first moment in which he appeared before the people of God, he gave visible witness to his simplicity, his humility, his pastoral experience and his spiritual depth.

“The distinguishing mark of our Society is that it is . . . a companionship . . . bound to the Roman Pontiff by a special bond of love and service.” (Complementary Norms, No. 2, § 2) Thus, we share the joy of the whole Church, and at the same time, wish to express our renewed availability to be sent into the vineyard of the Lord, according to the spirit of our special vow of obedience, that so distinctively unites us with the Holy Father (General Congregation 35, Decree 1, No. 17).

P. Adolfo Nicolás S.J.
Superior General
Rome, 14 March 2013

2 Responses to “Statement of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus on the Election of Pope Francis”

  • Fr. Célestin Razafindramavo,sj.:

    Like Jesuites throughout the world, we jesuites in Madagascar are invited by medias to give our express our feelings about the new Pope Fracis, a jesuit. To summ up what we have said, I will say ” jesuits are there to serve Christ in the Church in a way to find God everywhere, under the guidence of the Holy Spirit”.

  • The Sheehan family is so happy that a Jesuit has been elected to the papacy! Our brothers, Jim and John unfortunately did not live to see this wonderful happening, but the Sheehan brother and sister congratulate the Jesuit family on their behalf!

    Elizabeth Sheehan Rae