Jesuit and His Two Brothers All Called to the Priesthood

Jesuit Vincent Strand and his brothers

Jesuit Vincent Strand (right), with his brothers Fr. Luke Strand (left) and Fr. Jacob Strand (center).

Jesuit Vincent Strand, a regent currently studying German in Austria, was recently featured in an Associated Press story because he and his two brothers, Luke and Jacob, all have a calling to the priesthood.

Vincent Strand’s older brother Luke and younger brother Jacob are already ordained, and Strand is on the path to ordination.

According to Strand, his original plan was to become a neurologist, get married and start a family. He said he remembered thinking, “Oh, good. [Luke's] going to be the priest. I don’t have to now.”

But while at Marquette University he found his calling. Strand said a theology professor showed him “God was real in a way I hadn’t [realized] before.”

Strand told the AP that he thought about devoting himself to God even if he got married but decided to “completely empty” himself and pursue his calling.

“The celibacy and that vow of celibacy has been one of the real things I love about the life and one of the very freeing things about the life,” Strand said.

Read the AP full story on Strand and his brothers.

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