Men for Others: An Inside Look at the Jesuits of Spring Hill College

Since 1847, the Jesuits and Ignatian Spirituality have both been cornerstones of Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala. Even with this 165-year-old tradition, many students know very little about the mission of the Society of Jesus and the Jesuits on campus. Senior James Burke set about to change that with his senior thesis video project called “Men for Others,” which introduces viewers to the Jesuits at Spring Hill.

Interviewing five Jesuits at the college–Jesuit Fathers Chris Viscardi, Marvin Kitten, Richard Salmi, Stephen Campbell and Michael Williams–the video highlights their service to Spring Hill through their varied professions of theology teacher to campus minister, president of the school to theater director. The common themes of diversity, uniqueness and individuality resonate through the interviews. But for all these Jesuits, forming and creating not only well-educated college graduates but, more importantly, men and women in service to others for the greater glory of God is their ultimate goal and purpose.

In this video, the men talk about what motivates them as individuals and what being a Jesuit means to them.

2 Responses to “Men for Others: An Inside Look at the Jesuits of Spring Hill College”

  • George Aziz, S.J.:

    Thanks for a very fine and genuine video of Jesuit Life. This may also attract men to the Society as well as give students on campus a better understanding of what we are doing in universities.

  • I thought the presentation was superb. The dialogue mirrors my experience at Jesuit High in New Orleans and Loyola. “Men for Others” just about says it all.

    Fr. Postel taught me English, Latin and Greek in high school. His influence was beyond the intellectual aspects of “Jesuitdom”, so to speak. It was an amalgamation of intellectual acumen coupled with spiritual dynamism that is hard to verbalize. It was ” make you best better” in all aspects of humanism.

    I absolutely treasure my experience with the Jesuits. What I love is that the Jesuits are immersed in the world to change it for the better…using worldly things for the betterment of mankind.

    Dr. Michael A. Miroue
    San Diego, CA