New England Province Honors Nativity Schools of Boston and Worcester

At the 12th annual Jesuit GALA of the New England Province of Jesuits, more than 1,200 Jesuits, lay partners, family and friends gathered to celebrate 30 years of commitment to Jesuit education and social justice at the Nativity schools of Boston and Worcester.

To honor Nativity’s Jesuit and lay founding leaders, Jesuit Father Myles N. Sheehan presented the esteemed Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (AMDG) Award on April 11 to Nativity Preparatory School of Boston and Nativity School of Worcester. The AMDG Award honors those who selflessly give of themselves for the greater glory of God.

“Tonight is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our experience of the charism of St. Ignatius, our joy in our faith, and our appreciation for all that we do together with the help of Christ.  The mission and vision of the Society of Jesus remains the pursuit of faith and justice, serving on the frontiers of education, foreign collaborations and innovative programs of evangelization that serve to deepen our bonds of faith and affection.  We have one mission in the Catholic Church but many ministries,” said Fr. Sheehan.

The event also raised more than $1.1 million to support the formation and care of Jesuits and the apostolic works, such as the Nativity schools, of the New England Province.

To learn more about the great work of the Nativity Schools or the AMDG Award, please check out this video below:

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