New Superior of the Jamaica Region Announced

In a letter to the New England Province, Jesuit Provincial Myles Sheehan announced that Jesuit Father Christopher Llanos has been named as the new Superior of the Jamaica region. Historically, Jamaica was a mission of the New England Province, but now has a semi-independent status. Below is the full letter:

Dear Brothers,
The Peace of Christ!

I am pleased to share with all of you the good news that Father General has approved the
appointment of Fr. Christopher G. Llanos, S.J. as the new Superior of the Jamaica Region.

A member of the English-speaking Canadian Province, Fr. Llanos is currently superior of the
Winchester Park community in Kingston, where he has been director of novices for the past six
years. His previous Jamaica experience included two years as associate pastor in Annotto Bay
after his ordination in 1996. He did his studies in Canada, Venezuela, and the U.S., finishing an
S.T.L at Weston in 2000 and a Ph.D. at Harvard in 2006.

He succeeds Fr. Peter McIsaac, S.J., who has been regional superior for the past six years. I want
to express the gratitude of the province and my own personal thanks to Peter for his wise
leadership in this challenging and important role. Peter will remain in Jamaica and continue to
work in the educational and social ministries of the Society.

Let us offer our prayers for Chris and Peter and for the work of our Jesuit brothers in this part of
the world.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Myles N. Sheehan, S.J.

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