Music is Instrumental in Jesuit’s Vocation Story

Jesuit Father Roc O’Connor has been a member of the Society of Jesus since 1967. For more than 25 years of those years, he has planned, performed and written liturgical music. Fr. O’Connor was a part of the St. Louis Jesuits, considered by many to be the fathers of contemporary American liturgical music. Along with the other members, he received four Grammy nominations in late 1970s. Today, O’Connor teaches theology at Creighton University and consults on liturgical matters for St. John’s parish in Omaha, Neb.

In this video piece below, O’Connor discusses his own vocation path and how music has become instrumental in his life as a Jesuit.

One Response to “Music is Instrumental in Jesuit’s Vocation Story”

  • Rock….I’m glad yu’ve done so well with your life….I’ve often thought aa person who wrote only “Jesus the Lord,” could die fulfilled and happy….hope one day our crosses path again…

    Pat Carroll/ Seattle