Ignatian Pro-Life Network holds annual Mass and Rally for Life

The Ignatian Pro-Life Network, a union of pro-life groups from Jesuit high schools, colleges, universities and parishes across the U.S., held the annual Mass for Life & Rally yesterday in Washington, D.C.

Marchers attended the Mass for Life at St. Aloysius Church along with the Rally for Life following the Mass, to hear speakers and student reports from schools before joining the March for Life. Jesuit Father Joe Laramie was the guest homilist, the full video of which is now available:

To learn about Jesuit Conference’s statement on the abortion issue, read “Standing for the Unborn”.

To follow the Ignatian Pro-Life Network, visit the Ignatian Pro-Life Network page on Facebook.

2 Responses to “Ignatian Pro-Life Network holds annual Mass and Rally for Life”

  • Sarah McMahan:

    I think that I have never heard more meaningless words related to almost anything, let alone words about abortion. Pray tell, Mr. Laramie, have you ever assisted in the birth of a baby? Fed, educated, nursed and treasured a human life and paid for the cost of raising a child? Your pathetic rhetoric about being “. . . here with the Lord” tells me nothing at all that might comfort a teenager impregnated in rape, or incest. What are the Jesuits doing, specifically, to care for the mothers who do not abort, and for the children those mothers cannot care for? Kindly do not tell me about feeding, providing medical care and education for children in Africa. Tell me what you do for the women on the street, those who for mental or physical reasons are completely incapable of caring for a child. Tell me, please, is there a Jesuit institution in every area of the country that will take in and care for such mothers and their children? Do you provide adoption services for them? What are you doing, personally and collectively, for unwanted children born with global defects, mental and physical? What of anacephalic babies and their parents? What do you do for the African woman who is impregnated again and again by her husband, who perhaps has AIDs and perhaps disappears from the lives of both mother and child?

    “We’re here with the Lord”? Give me a break!