Jesuit founded Homeboy Industries expands with diner in Los Angeles City Hall

Homeboy Diner is the latest business venture of Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles Jesuit-founded ministry that  has helped thousands of gang members quit lives of crime with counseling, tattoo removal and job training.

Founded by Jesuit Father Greg Boyle during the height of the L.A.’s gang wars 23 years ago, Homeboy Industries’ businesses, which include a silk-screen shop, a bakery and an 86-seat restaurant, currently provide job opportunities and training for over 400 ex-gang members.

This summer, when Los Angeles’ City Hall  was looking for a vendor to move into an unoccupied cafe space on the second floor, a new venture, Homeboy Diner, was born.

Ignatian News Network was there for the opening of the cafe with Fr. Boyle and the diner’s new staff.

2 Responses to “Jesuit founded Homeboy Industries expands with diner in Los Angeles City Hall”

  • Thank you Father Boyle for truly doing God’s work, for loving our less fortunate brothers and sisters, for reaching out to our troubled children, for giving them new hope, and for showing them our Father’s love for each and every one of them.
    I have a very special love for anything and everything Jesuit as it is the Jesuits who have provided me with a strong spiritual foundation. I will keep you in my prayers, thank you once again for all that you do.
    Continued abundant Blessings,