School of the Heart: My Tertianship in India

Jesuit Father Tom Greene, Secretary for Social and International Ministries at the Jesuit Conference recently returned from his Tertianship in India.

For those unfamiliar, Tertianship is a step in the Jesuit’s formation process, usually to be made after ten to fifteen years after the novitiate and at the end of the Jesuit’s professional training. St Ignatius called it a ‘school of the heart’. It is a time in which the tertian deepens his own commitment to the Society and Jesus.

Fr. Greene sat down with National Jesuit News to talk about his time in India, and his desire to go deeper into the School of the Heart.

3 Responses to “School of the Heart: My Tertianship in India”

  • father peter j murray SJ:

    Tom: It was good to hear about and even “see” something of your
    trip to India for the important phase known as Tertianship.

    I myself went to India in 1974 for my own school of the heart.
    In Bangalore, mainly, I was in Tertianship under the late Tony Coelho; it was a great, souful, eyeopening experience, the whole 6 or 7 months. (Joe Currie Sj of the Md. province was a companion there, & we shared recently a memory of those days.)

    It now strikes me that, while I did personally gain so much from this (& my many years in difficult Hospital work were certainly due to the graces I received in India) I perhaps did not “plug into” the many social and global insights that you have been able to glean, or go into, due to your fine ministry with the Wash. conference, and other interests as well. I hope those will continue to be a rich source of working grace for you in the days to come as well.
    If you are ever in Buffalo, please stop here, and you can meet another Tom Green, SJ (he is one of our Octogenarians here, yet very busy!) and myself: and we can show you St. Mike’s parish where the challenges of our struggling downtown church are also in evidence.Not of course in the vast extent Indian Christians must undergo, but challenging nonetheless. Prayers Tom for your life and great work!

  • father peter j murray SJ:

    THanks for listening.
    Peter Murray SJ

  • Fr. Murray,
    I have passed along your comments to Fr. Greene. Thank you so much for watching!

    Kaitlyn McCarthy, NJN Online Editor