Jesuit to Chair Maryland College and University Association

Jesuit Father Brian LinnaneJesuit Father Brian Linnane, Loyola University Maryland president, has been elected chair of the Board of Trustees of the Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA).

Elected unanimously by MICUA Board of Trustees, which includes the presidents of 16 private colleges and universities in Maryland, Fr. Linnane will lead the organization in implementing its strategic objectives.

Linnane, who became Loyola’s 24th president in 2005, has been a strong proponent of faith and justice at the school. [The Catholic Review]

3 Responses to “Jesuit to Chair Maryland College and University Association”

  • Dear Father President Linnane, Greetings and Congratulations to you as the chair of the Board of MCUA. I am the author of “A Glimpse of the Chinese Language” available at online pdf format.

    I do hope that Loyola University will sponsor lecture or workshop on the Chinese language and culture as I was a faculty of St. Ignatius College in Shanghai from 1945-1947 and my brief biography may be searched as for your kind reference. Thank you very much.

    Francis Shieh, September 1, 2011 in Maryland

  • Congrats with salutations.

  • Raymond Vincent:

    When are Jessuit Colleges going to get back to teaching the Catholic faith instead of pursuing secularism in their U.S. colleges as they are doing today? U