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U.S. Jesuit Chaperone and Students Discuss What Magis 2011 is All About

The 3,000 Magis pilgrims have now fanned out across Spain, Portugal and North Africa for their 100 unique Magis experiences. In small groups of about 25, the experience teams are composed of people from different countries which gives the pilgrims an opportunity to work with people from other cultures and backgrounds and who share in their faith.

The 100 experiences range from working amongst the poor, with immigrants, traveling along a religious pilgrimage “camino” or volunteering with the infirm. Accompanying the pilgrims are Jesuit chaperones like scholastic Michael Rossman, who is currently in his First Studies as a Jesuit at Loyola University Chicago, and is chaperoning a group of pilgrims from Marquette University.

Before they departed from Loyola, Rossman and three Marquette students shared what Magis 2011 is all about  in this video below. You can continue to follow along with the Jesuits at Magis and the students they are chaperoning by visiting our microsite or following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Jesuit to Serve New Orleans on Civil Service Commission

JJesuit Father Kevin Wildesesuit Father Kevin Wildes, president of Loyola University New Orleans, will be serving the city of New Orleans as the newest member of the Civil Service Commission, after his nomination was approved in July.

This appointment continues Fr. Wildes’ long-time record of service for the city. Following Hurricane Katrina, he played a key role in establishing the city’s Ethics Review Board and in setting up an independent Office of the Inspector General. Wildes currently sits on the Public Belt Railroad Commission.

“While I believe public service is always important, the challenges for post-Katrina New Orleans make public service even more vital today,” said Wildes. “New Orleans citizens are demanding, and rightly so, to live within a city government that functions transparently, efficiently and justly. I am honored to be able to assist in this effort.”

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu was supportive of Wildes’ nomination, explaining that reforming the civil service system is critical to improving the quality of service for the residents of New Orleans.

“Fr. Wildes has a distinguished record of service in the faith-based and academic communities and has taken on numerous positive reforms locally post-Katrina. I appreciate his willingness to help improve city government,” said Landrieu.

For more on Wildes’ new appointment, visit the Loyola University New Orleans website.

Jesuit Heads Mission & Identity at Canisius College

Jesuit Father Michael TunneyJesuit Father Michael Tunney has been appointed to the newly-created position of director of mission and identity at Canisius College.

Fr. Tunney is rector of the Jesuit community at Canisius, a professor of fine arts and founding director of studio art at Canisius. He left his academic positions to serve in his new role, which began August 1.

As director of mission and identity, Tunney’s primary responsibility will be to ensure that opportunities are available for Canisius faculty, staff, alumni and trustees to learn about and deepen their understanding of the institution’s Catholic and Jesuit identity, its educational mission and their part in fulfilling it. He will also develop programs, activities and university-wide policy and procedures that promote the spiritual formation of the campus community, further the university’s Ignatian traditions, and advance the Jesuit mission, especially in the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

“I look forward to working with all the people and constituencies of Canisius College,” Tunney said about his new appointment. “Engaging in conversations and actions with them on matters of faith, reason, justice and leadership in our world today will be transformative for all of us.” [Canisius College]

Jesuit Father General Nicolás Celebrates Mass at Magis 2011 and Meets with Pilgrims

Magis 2011 officially started on Friday, August 5 with an opening ceremony on the grounds of the Sanctuary of Loyola in Azkoitia, Spain. More than 3,000 young people from 50 different countries gathered together on the grounds of the Sanctuary of Loyola where they were welcomed in their own official language and treated to a performance with dance, music, light and special effects.

Yesterday, around 3,500 people attended Mass celebrated by Jesuit Father General Adolfo Nicolás in the plaza of the Sanctuary of Loyola. The pilgrims celebrated this special Eucharist before being sent forth to their experiences, which will start today in more than 100 locations across Spain and Portugal.

During his homily, Fr. General evoked the founder of the Society of Jesus in this significant place: “God is in the gentle breeze, in its peace and its refreshing calm. And Saint Ignatius tries to make us sensitive to that breeze, to the soft voice of God.” He also wanted to send a message to all the young pilgrims before they left on their experiences tomorrow, “If we are only worried about our welfare or success, we will sink helplessly. If we are worried about service and the suffering of others, where Christ lives… we will walk on the sea.”  After Mass, Fr. General, accompanied by all the concelebrants, prayed in the Chapel of Conversion of St Ignatius.

You can read more about Father General’s visit with the Magis 2011 pilgrims and their send off here.

Jesuit Continues Century-old Tradition of Jesuit Chaplains at Chicago Hospital

Jesuit Father Joel MedinaJesuit Father Joel Medina, a former nurse who was recently ordained at age 56, is the newest Jesuit chaplain at Stroger Hospital in Chicago, where the Jesuits have had a continual presence for more than 100 years.

Fr. Medina celebrated his first Mass as a newly ordained priest in the hospital chapel.

“I think it will be a rich experience to be a priest and to serve patients in any way I can,” said Medina, who is familiar with the hospital, as he served there as a Eucharistic minister when he was studying at Loyola University Chicago.

Medina, who is fluent in English and Spanish, said he is looking forward to working with the diversity of people who serve as employees and volunteers at the hospital.

For more on this story, visit the Chicago-Detroit Province website.