Jesuit Takes "Leap of Faith" with the U.S. Army's Golden Knights

golden_knights_1Jesuit Father Daniel Gatti, the alumni chaplain for Fordham University, recently had the opportunity to go skydiving with the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights Parachute Team in New Jersey. He shared the story and photos of his “leap of faith” with Fordham Notes, a news blog from Fordham University’s News and Media Relations Office.

From my perspective as a Jesuit, I somewhat jokingly call my tandem jump a “leap of faith.” And so it was. Not, however, in the theological sense of a movement to belief in God, but in the basic sense of trust; trust in the U.S. Army, its plane, its equipment and its personnel; trust that all elements would work together for a successful jump!golden_knights_3

How did I feel about doing this? I felt euphoric, extremely happy to be able to do something exciting I had never done before. Once in the plane and ascending to 13,000 feet, I had the sense that “this is it; the time has arrived; no thought of changing my mind now.” I had willingly boarded this plane; I will willingly tandem jump from this plane and “return to earth.”

To see all the photos and read the full post, visit the Fordham Notes newsblog.

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