A Jesuit Ministering in Body Armor

Jesuit Brother John Fava has many names.

“BroJo,” “Brother,” “Brother John” and on occasion (when wearing a clerical collar) “Padre.” He’s earned many of these nicknames while serving as a chaplain to the St. Louis Police Department. In this capacity, he offers spiritual and personal guidance to police officers and their families, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Brother Fava sat down with National Jesuit News to discuss this unique and rewarding ministry.

12 Responses to “A Jesuit Ministering in Body Armor”

  • Larry Romero:

    John, Iam very impressed with your presentation of your work at St. Louis PD. Iam a former Jesuit Brother 1964-1973 with the Ca. province and very active with a group of former Jesuits here in Ca. Iam also a reserve police officer, and peer support member with the Santa Clara Police Dept. Santa Clara, Ca. I have been a member with Santa Clara for 37yrs. I would like to know more about your work so I can pass this along to my peer support members. Santa Clara PD is very supportive of peer support, meeting every month. A large number of officers come from Jesuit schools with Santa Clara University right across the street from the police dept.

  • Larry Romero:

    John, I hope you received my comment.

    Larry Romero

  • Gary Graham:

    Prior to going to St. Louis, Brother John was a Police Chaplain with the Denver Police Department. He was and continues to be a valued friend and counselor to many officers in our department.

    We miss you very much, Bro John…may God continue to bless you and the St. Louis police officers you now serve.

  • Dan Kimmett:

    Way too go! Even though you left Denver PD for St. Louis I still consider you the DPD chaplin. All those years we spent riding together in the Vice Detail, the Bears games we went to, really cemented our friendship. I miss you and wish you the best, you deserve and have earned all my respect and love, Dan

  • Marcus Chavez:

    Bro John! Once again yiou stand up for us in a holy way to honor our occupation; we could not do it with out your prayers and love for us! Keep up the great work in ministry and encourage the police officer to seek God for in that pursuit we gain strength and peace beyond all understanding! My Hat off to you always.


  • I have known Brother John for over 25 years and he has ridden with me on dozens of occassions when we were fortunate enough to have him as a D.P.D. Chaplain. I am an agnosytic and for the most part a heathen sinning son of a gun. But if I were forced to choose, I would rather have the presence of God and Brother John in my car than to have my Paraordinance and my bullet proof vest.

    He is a kind and gentle and yet unrelenting and pwoerful man of God and he has helped to me to at the very least be a spiritual person and as a result, a far better man as well as a better Cop.

  • Danny Veith:

    Miss you at Denver PD!

  • Brother John,

    As a retired Denver police officer I personally want to thank you again for everything you did for us, you were an inspiration to all of us and your guidance was cherished by everyone. I remember being in Vice and calling you in the middle of the night you were always available. I never have and never will forget all the good you did for the officers here in Denver.

    God bless you!

    Jim Lux

  • Ret. DPD Det. JC Tyus Jr:

    Having the previlage of knowing “Brother John” when he first started in Denver with the Police Chaplin program I can definately state we were blessed to have him on board. Over the years the program in Denver has grown and well received by the officers and thier families. As the founder and now the manager of the Denver Police Officers Foundation, we care for the officers and thier family during the time of crisis and emergency need, the Chaplin program is invaluable. Every Law enforcement agency should have such a program.

  • Debbie Dilley:

    Brother John I so miss you. Denver really misses you. You were just the best Bro and friend to us all. I am so happy that I have been able to keep in touch with you since you left. St. Louis should be really happy to have you.

  • Heather Hohnholz:

    Yet another DPD officer here to say, whether you shared the same religious beliefs as Brother John or not, he was always there for us, and he was one of the only chaplains that we line officers ever saw on a regular basis. We all knew him, liked him, and trusted him. He was absolutely invaluable, and we miss him dearly. It saddens me that a lot of the young guys on our department don’t have any contact with the chaplains, or feel any connection with them the way many of us did with Brother John. Thanks again for everything you did for us.

  • JP:

    Brother John, seeing you in this video brings back many fond memories. I especially miss your guidance at all the choir practices we shared together! You are the best, thank you for all you do.