Path to Priesthood: The Process of Discernment


“In my own discernment, it’s been an ongoing process; what really turned me around during the discernment process was a prayer experience I had during a discernment retreat, where I got this real sense of Jesus, falling in love with me. It sounds strange, but it’s a relationship and ultimately that’s why I’m a Jesuit, because of my relationship with Christ.”

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2 Responses to “Path to Priesthood: The Process of Discernment”

  • jo:

    Discernment as the Rev. Jao says is difficult and confusing since one is faced with complicated and complex world. The over-dominance of materialism has really killed the spiritual longings of the West. The declining vocation and the empty churches are evidences to it. So maintaining the traditions and spiritual practices are the sure ways to increase the vocation. The modern man is content with the fleeting joy provided by the money god and not by the Divine God.

  • I love all things spiritual and would love to thank you for the great information.thanks