Path to Priesthood: Why I Became a Jesuit


In this video diary entry, Radmar talks about why he became a Jesuit and his struggle with realizing his vocation.

“In all of these things I was doing, I thought I was doing God’s work and this is all that is required of me,” says Jao. “But I just felt like God kept pushing and tugging and saying ‘No, no, no, I want more, I want more’ to the point where I just started playing bargaining games with God saying ‘Look, if you want me to become a priest, then give me this audition, help me pay my rent, do all of these things to prove that this is what you want for me.’ Be careful what you pray for, because God answers prayers.”

As we follow Jao on his journey to ordination in June, leave a comment or ask a question here on the National Jesuit News blog, comment on YouTube or on Twitter via @AskAJesuit and he will respond in an upcoming future video diary. And check back weekly for more video diaries from Jao.

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