Path to Priesthood: Jesuit Finds Renewal in Pastoral Ministry

One step of Jesuit formation on the path to priesthood is working in pastoral ministry, which helps prepare the Jesuit for his life immediately after ordination. Often during this formation time, the Jesuit will work in a variety of places; for Jesuit Radmar Jao it is as a deacon at Saint Agnes Parish in San Francisco, CA and the Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA. In this video, Radmar talks about a pastoral ministry experience that deeply impacted him.

“My strength lies in accompanying people in the midst of their pain, in the midst of their struggle, in the midst of their confusion, just to be able to be with them and walk with them,” says Radmar.

As we follow Jao on his journey to ordination in June, leave a comment or ask a question here on the National Jesuit News blog or on YouTube and he will respond in an upcoming future video diary. And check back weekly for more video diaries from Jao.

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