Jesuit Starts Video Diary on his Path to Priesthood

Along with preparing for the priesthood, studies and comprehensive exams at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University at Berkeley, soon-to-be ordained Jesuit Radmar Jao is discovering that he has created yet another set of expectations by participating in the Path to Priesthood video series.

“Expectations are something that I struggle with a lot. Being a performer, I feel like I have to perform; I feel like I have expectations of myself and I pay attention to other people’s expectations of me. And, that necessarily isn’t such a wise thing to do, I know, and I’ve kind of been working on that in my formation, just to…be. To be with whatever situation I may find myself with, but it’s hard,” says Jao.

As we follow Jao on his journey to ordination in June, leave a comment or ask a question here on the National Jesuit News blog or on YouTube and he will respond in an upcoming future video diary. And check back weekly for more video diaries from Jao.

One Response to “Jesuit Starts Video Diary on his Path to Priesthood”

  • Michelle R.:

    What a great idea! I think this project will be effective and helpful for all people who are trying to figure out what God is asking of them – not just those discerning the religious life, but also those of us who are married, parents, in school…and asking what does God want me to do? How can I use my life and my talents to praise Him and bring myself and others closer to Him? This is a process, that for me, just continues. And, yes, I at least am beset by expectations, and must constantly come back into my self (my heart)and listen in silence to that still, small voice. And maybe also we need to listen to and reflect upon our own internal reactions, not just ignore them or push them away — for example, for me the most powerful part of this video, the part where I was nearly moved to tears, was when you slowed down, got a little quieter and said “God says, ‘You’re enough’”. This will be my reflection today – thank you for being open to what the Lord is asking of you. God Bless.