Jesuit Appears on Fox & Friends to Discuss Pope Benedict’s Book

188139_130773886988381_8327791_nThe second volume of Pope Benedict XVI’s book “Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection” was recently released by Ignatius Press, which is run by Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio. Appearing on “Fox & Friends” to share the book with a wider audience, Fr. Fessio commented that the book is written by one of the great teachers of our time, about the greatest figure in history, and no matter your beliefs, it is of educational value.

“The Pope is trying to make the message of Jesus very clear,” commented Fessio. “He wants to present Jesus in a way that will engage the reader, and will allow people to have a certitude about their knowledge of him.”

Fr. Fessio, who was a student of Ratzinger’s 40 years ago, is director of Ignatius Press, which is the primary publisher of all books by Pope Benedict XVI in the United States.Currently on the New York Times best sellers list, the Holy Father’s book is actually written under his name Joseph Ratzinger, as it’s contents are not an official Church document.

“He’s not writing this as an official Church document, he’s writing it as a personal theologian…The difference is that this is not binding on Catholics as an official statement on the Church’s faith, although, I think what he says is true. The phone book isn’t binding either, but there’s alot of truth in there,” said Fessio.

To purchase Pope Benedict XVI’s book, please visit Ignatius Press’ website.

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