Jesuit Superior General Announces Restructuring of the Society of Jesus’ General Curia

Pope Benedict XVI and Father General Adolfo Nicolas

Pope Benedict XVI and Father General Adolfo Nicolás


Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás announced last month a major restructuring in the Society of Jesus’ governance structure at the General Curia in Rome.

In a letter sent to the whole Society, Father General explained that the changes will occur in three ways; a restructuring of the secretariats at the General Curia, instituting a commission on the Society’s Mission, and creating a reflection group for continued discernment of mission.

“With the help of the General Counselors, we are restructuring the Secretariats. The structure that has been in force till now has primarily been organized according to apostolic sectors.”

The reorganization of the secretariats will break the focus on apostolic sectors and instead focus on the important dimensions of the Society’s mission, which should be present in all apostolic sectors. The General Curia will now have Secretaries for the Service of Faith, the Promotion of Justice and Collaboration with Others.

Father General explained that much of the ordinary governance such as admission to final vows and appointment of superiors will stay the same. The changes being made were in fact prompted by the 35th General Congregation and meetings with major superiors in the Society.

“The changes we are introducing concern primarily our capacity to address issues related to our mission, with the flexibility, depth and creativity required at this moment of history and the life of the Church,” wrote Fr. Nicolas.

To read the full letter from Father General, and specifics on the restructuring, visit the [Jesuit Curia]

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