Moscow Jesuit Celebrates Ash Wednesday Service with Vice President

During Vice President Joe Biden’s travels to Russia to meet with President Medvedev, his staff reached out to Jesuit Father Janez Sever asking him to celebrate Ash Wednesday with Biden and his staff. The Russian Jesuit accepted the opportunity with grace and humility “to make this Lent an effective moment in [Biden’s] life.” Sever reflected on his recent thirty day retreat experience for his homily during the service and encouraged Biden and his staff to remember that Lent is an opportunity for spiritual reflection when they should take time to listen to God and to examine their deepest desires. Many of Biden’s staff shared with Sever their background of having attended Jesuit universities. Sever also presented the vice president with a copy of Jesuit Father James Martin’s bestselling book “The Jesuit’s Guide to (Almost) Everything” as Sever finds Fr. Martin’s writing style approachable and inspiring to those seeking to find God in their daily lives. Biden told Sever that he was very familiar with Fr. Martin having had read much of the popular priest’s book and accepted Sever’s gift with thanks and appreciation.

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