Jesuit's Initiative Spotlights Ignatian Mission at Creighton University

Jesuit Father Greg Carlson


Jesuit Father Greg Carlson, a professor at Creighton University, said that “Creighton is the kind of place where people talk about our Jesuit, Catholic mission a lot. And people get lots of creative ideas about how to implement it.”

Fr. Carlson’s idea was to create “All Things Ignatian,” where faculty, administration and staff could create posters presenting recent initiatives that implement the school’s Ignatian mission.

“Our idea was they could enliven each other, celebrate each other’s accomplishments and even touch off new and creative ideas in people from around the campus and maybe inspire similar efforts from them,” said Fr. Carlson.

On Feb. 3, 68 colleagues presented posters describing their initiatives. The posters are online at Creighton’s website and the video below highlights a few of the presentations.

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