Jesuit Says Spiritual Exercises are a Map to Follow in Prayer

Jesuit Father John HornShare

Jesuit Father John Horn, who last month was appointed as the next president-rector of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, recently talked about the importance of Spiritual Exercises and how the concept can be applied in one’s prayer life.

Fr. Horn said that the Spiritual Exercises are a type of map for the human heart to follow in prayerful meditation and contemplation, and that the exercises allow the faithful to become closer to Christ.

“What happens in these prayerful exercises is that the person at prayer begins to taste and see patterns of thoughts, feelings and desires that are in union with Jesus’ spirit indwelling in our hearts,” he said.

Horn offered an example of how Catholics can participate in a prayer exercise using Scripture passages. By doing so, “something will be transpiring in the heart through this simple process,” he said.

  1. Read the passage prayerfully and I notice what I am seeing.
  2. Notice what I am thinking and feeling about what I am seeing.
  3. Once I have acknowledged what I am thinking and feeling, notice if I have actually related these thoughts and feelings to God.
  4. Wait in trust, wait in faith, and trust to receive a sense of what Jesus’ love desires to do for me.

For more of Horn’s thoughts on the Spiritual Exercises, read the article at the St. Louis Review.

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