Jesuit Educates “Men for Others” at Nativity School

Jesuit Father John Wronski

Credit: Marilyn Humphries


Jesuit Father John Wronski is in his fourth year as the executive director of Nativity Preparatory School in Boston, a tuition-free Jesuit middle school that serves low-income boys. He said the 20-year-old school “aims to give boys academic experience, discipline and focus; to support them to attend and succeed in good high schools and colleges, get good jobs and be able to bring something back to the community from which they came. It is an important part of the Jesuit tradition for boys to work toward the ideal of being ‘men for others.’”

Fr. Wronski noted that support for the students continues after graduation. “We follow our graduates through high school and into college to ensure that they are making smooth transitions into these new environments,” he said.

About 60 percent of the students are Catholic and 40 percent are a mix of other faith backgrounds. “At Nativity, every class is named for a well-known Jesuit.  These namesakes are or were missionaries, poets, scientists — the way we experience God is that God is integrated in all things,” said Wronski. “Being religious for Jesuits is not about withdrawing from the world but engaging in it.”

For the full interview with Wronski, visit Jamaica Plain Patch News.

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