Jesuit Basketball Chaplain Mixes Faith with Team Spirit

Jesuit Father Tom ShanahanShare

Jesuit Father Tom Shanahan has served as the chaplain for the Creighton University men’s basketball team for close to 10 years, mixing counsel with a dash of team spirit. His presence on the bench provides a reminder to students, alumni, staff and visitors of the important role faith plays in all aspects of university life.

Fr. Shanahan said his prayer for the team is a cross between a prayer and a cheer — focusing on fun, joy and victory.

“Alumni have said to me ‘I’m really glad you’re there.’ And that makes me feel good that they see that as an important part of Creighton athletics,” said Shanahan.

“It’s a great experience to have Father on the bench helping us not only see the basketball side but also the faith side,” said player Taylor Stormberg.

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