Jesuit Reflects on his Teaching Experience during Regency

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For his regency period of formation, Jesuit Chris Ryan is teaching at Nativity Middle School in Worcester, Mass.

Now in his second year at the school, which serves underprivileged boys, he wrote that he is learning “the value of patience, the necessity of compassion amid the sternness of discipline and the humbling truth that the real flowering of these young boys is a process that far surpasses the contributions that I will make.”

He compares his daily efforts as a teacher to those of a serious gardener: “imposing the order of rows and furrows upon the chaos of an unmanaged field, in order that creative and fruitful growth may emerge from fertile ground.

“The experience of teaching during regency has also led me to meditate upon my developing identity as a Jesuit,” he wrote. “In the course of my discernment and formation, I have been blessed with the presence and friendship of many wonderful Jesuits who inspire me with their apostolic devotion, spiritual wisdom and variety of talents and life experiences. Regency has challenged me not only to discover and develop these talents within myself, but also to share them confidently, trusting that divine grace will guide my actions and growth each day.”

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