Jesuit Emphasizes Joy, Humor in One’s Spiritual Life

Jesuit Father Jim Martin at Loyola University ChicagoShare

Jesuit Father Jim Martin, author and cultural editor for America magazine, visited Loyola University Chicago earlier this month and gave a talk on “Laughing with the Saints: Joy, Humor and Laughter in the Spiritual Life.”

He said that people often approach their relationship with God with dead seriousness, but he said that “joy, humor and laughter share one’s faith in God.”

Fr. Martin said, “Humor sometimes seems to count as a strike against people in the church, when I think it should be seen as a requirement.

“I would bet that the man whose first miracle was to turn water into wine at a wedding feast understood the need for some high spirits in life,” he said.

“Live your own vocation joyfully,” he told his audience.

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