Jesuit Says Zambia Must Not Let Elections be Marred by Violence

Jesuit Father Peter HenriotShare

U.S.-born Jesuit Father Peter Henriot, who has served for 20 years in Zambia, said the country must not permit its 2011 elections to be marred by political violence, as happened in other African countries.

Fr. Henriot, outgoing director of the Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection in Lusaka, said Zambians must ensure that their general elections are held freely and transparently, which includes ensuring fairness in the period leading up to the election.

“That means the media should cover all political parties,” said Henriot, who recently returned to the U.S. and is scheduled to go to Malawi later this year. “Secondly, those civic authorities, the police and election officials must also treat all parties equally.”

Henriot dismissed the notion by some people that the Catholic Church was too involved in political matters.

“Politics is life. Jesus was a strong politician, too, because he talked life. What is wrong is to be partisan,” he said.

More of Henriot’s thoughts on the subject are available from Catholic News Service.

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